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AKC tracking events are competition form of
canine search and rescue.

Put your dog's nose to work!


Donna Staat and Luca  

What is "Tracking?"


All you need to track is a dog, a harness, a 30' line and a glove,... and food, water, flags, pencil and paper, surveyor's tape, colored clotshespins, boots, a watch, a partner (if possible!), rain gear, mosquito repellent, and time, time, time!


Three titles can be earned in the AKC tracking program: TD (Tracking Dog), TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and VST (Variable Surface Tracker). When all three are earned, your dog has a CT (Champion Tracker). Before a dog is eligible to enter for a TD, a judge must "certify" that the dog has passed a regulation track and is qualified to enter a sanctioned test. The TD has a 52% passing rate, TDX about 17% and the VST has about a 5% passing rate.


The MDTC offers a small tracking class starting each spring in order to train and be able to enter an AKC TD test. Mixed Breeds are also eligible. The instructors only work with a small number of members and their dogs, because it takes a lot of land and real dedication of time to succeed. The initial month is at the Club grounds and then we travel to different Waukesha County parks. We start at 7:00 AM before obedience classes.


A Collie, two Flat Coated Retrievers, two Golden Retrievers, a Siberian Husky, two German Shepherd Dogs, three Poodles and a Vizsla have earned a TD through the Club. Also. a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Collie, and a Miniature poodle have earned a TDX and two Border Collies, Dorothy's Mint and Ellie, have earned the VST and CT (Champion Tracker).


If interested in tracking, you can contact Dorothy Schmidt, Once you start tracking with your dog, you will never look at fields in the same way!




Dorothy and Ellie working hard surface 



What is "Herding?"




Lynn and Krea 


Herding is the ability of a dog and handler to smoothly, and without undue stress to livestock, move them from one place to the next. The American Kennel Club, the American Herding Breed Association, The Austrailian Shepherd Club of America and different Border Collie associations sponsor herding trials each year to test different levels of training and to earn titles.


A fun herding event is the very popular Herding Instinct Day, which is held twice a year (June and October) at Salem, WI. People can watch as a tester takes their dog in with three sheep to see if their dog has the instinct to herd. No training is required, video taping is offered and a Herding Instinct Certification is presented to those dogs showing very basic herding interest and ability. A number of MDTC members have taken advantage of and thoroughly enjoyed this event coming home with their HIC.


Dorothy is Secretary for those events.





For more information on Tracking check out the following websites: AKC Tracking : AKC Herding : American Herding Breed Association : Austrailian Shepherd Club of America : Border Collie Society of America : American Working Collie Association : My Tracking Dog

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