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Flyball - Class Descriptions (continued)


Beginning Classes (continued):




Prior to admission to a MDTC Beginning Flyball Class all dogs will be evaluated through a try-out process based on the following requirements:

• Dogs must be 10 months of age or older. There are no size or breed limitations.

• Dogs should have a fairly reliable sit, stay/wait, down and come.

• Dog must be comfortable being handled & restrained by persons other than their own handler.

• Dogs must be non-aggressive towards humans and dogs. Flyball is a highly exciting & competitive sport. For the safety of your dog and ours, dogs with aggression issues will not be allowed in flyball classes.

• Dogs with a strong toy drive (preferred) or food motivation are best suited for flyball.


Learning Objectives


Beginning Dogs will learn such individual skills as:

1. Retrieve the ball from the flat

2. Performing a “swimmers box turn” and catch the ball on a slant board progressing to the flyball box

3. Perform recalls passing other dogs at a substantial distance.

4. Complete a full flyball run with ball on the ground, on slant board or in the box.

5. Begin passing other dogs at incremental distances


Class Times Beginner classes will be held from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.




Intermediate Class (continued):


Intermediate Dogs train alongside the team dogs to strengthen skills and gain experience necessary to begin competitive racing. The intermediate class is also a great place for dog/handler teams who are able to complete full flyball runs but are not interested in competitive team racing.


Learning Objectives


Intermediate Dogs will work to strengthen skills learned in the beginner class and link them together with increasing levels of distraction:

1. Perform full runs retrieving the ball from the box while showing strong drive and good form at the box and in jumping.

2. Pass other dogs at both start and finish

3. Return to owner with drive while being passed and amidst other distractions

4. Run as part of a team and against dogs in another lane

5. Perform all skills with distractions such as loose dogs, rolling tennis balls, etc.


Class Times Intermediate dogs work with the team during practices held 6:30 - 9:00 on Tuesdays.




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