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Classes , Membership and Fees

compositeWe offer many different levels of classes from basic obedience, everyday dog manners to advance obedience, flyball, agility, tracking and more!

Learn to train your dog at a low cost with our experienced instructors.

Stop by to watch or sign up for an obedience class on any Sunday at our outdoor training facility (4375 N. Humboldt Blvd). The clubhouse is open for registration every Sunday morning during our class time from 9:00 - 10:30 AM (with the exception of holidays).


You may also sign up for an obedience class on Wednesday nights only during the months of May through October when we train at our outdoor training facility. Wednesday classes begin at 7:00 PM.


Call (414) 961-6163 for more information about our classes or to register for our next class.

Class Requirements (all classes)

- Dogs must be licensed.

- Dogs must be current on all rabies, distemper and parvo shots.

- Proper equipment must be used. Most items, such as leashes or training collars, can be purchased at a low cost from the club. Non-obedience classes may require other equipment.


Classes MDTC Offers:     Obedience    Agility    Flyball    Tracking



OBEDIENCE: Dogs 6 months or older (all breeds, including mixed breeds) are accepted.


Puppy Class

Create a bond with your puppy while you learn how to raise a healthy, happy, well-mannered dog! Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks old when the class starts, and must have their first set of vaccinations. This class meets on Mondays.


Get more details (i.e. class description, requirements, dates & times, etc.) on our Puppy Class page.


Basic Class

Learn the necessary basic obedience commands and household manners.


Beginner Class

Learn to expand on the basic commands. You will also learn off-leash heeling and the stand for exam.


Beginning Novice Class

Learn off-leash exercises and recall work. An introduction to showing your dog in obedience will be covered.


Advanced Novice Class

Learn how to fine tune your handling techniques for obedience competition.



Learn retrieving, jumping, and other advanced exercises. All work is done off-leash.



Learn hand signals, scent exercises, and various retrieving exercises. This is the most advanced level of dog obedience. All work is done off-leash.


Questions about Obedience? - Visit our Obedience page.



New to Agility or Have a New Dog to Agility?

Join the Basic-Foundations Class. Our Foundations Agility Class is for dogs that are just starting out in agility. Registration for our next Foundations agility class can be done via email. Send your request to The Basic Foundations class is held at the indoor training site on 25th & St. Paul. You may visit our facility during any scheduled agility class for an introduction to MDTC's agility program. The Registration Open House gives you an opportunity to become familiar with MDTC's agility program and see if your dog is a good candidate for this sport. Details can be found on our Agility webpage.


Experienced Agility Handler?

Registration is open year round for experienced handler-dog teams that have completed any basic level agility training. Details can be found on our Agility webpage.  


Questions about Agility? - Visit our Agility page or e-mail us:  




Flyball classes begin with tryouts. The purpose of tryouts is simply to see if your dog is a good candidate for this sport. It helps in flyball if your dog has a strong toy or food drive. Dogs that complete training may then go on to compete on one of our flyball teams.


Questions about Flyball? - Visit our Flyball page or e-mail us:




For detailed Tracking & Herding information, contact Dorothy Schmidt at 262-781-8530, or send an email to either of the following addresses: and/or You can also visit our Tracking page





New* Member
Second* Family Member
3 Months $125
$87.50 NA
6 Months $150 $100 $100 $50
1 Year $200 $150 $125 $75

* Includes a $50 one time registration fee.


All the above includes the cost of obedience classes for the duration of the membership.


  Agility Flyball Tracking
6 Months $45 $45

Call or email

for rates

1 Year $75 $75

Call or email

for rates




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