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American Kennel Club

Founded in 1994 in Texas. When the American Kennel Club sanctioned its own version of agility, it made the rapidly growing sport nearly explode in the United States as AKC handlers began exploring the agility experience. AKC promotes sporting excellence and achiving title goals. The AKC now allows “All American” (mixed) breeds to compete in their agility events. The AKC levels are Novice, Open Excellent and Masters (MACH – Master Agility Champion). Divisions within the levels are Regular, Preferred and Junior. Classes (games) offered include, Standard, Jumpers with Weaves and FAST (which stands for Fifteen and Send Time - a strategy skill, accuracy, speed and distance handling game). 

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Canine Performance Events, Inc

Founded in the Midwest in 1998. Canine Performance Events promotes the philosophy that dogs and handlers should have FUN while competing for agility titles. It offers a variety of games, some of the sequential course type and some of the point accumulation type. It also features dog friendly jump heights and generous course times. CPE welcomes all dog breeds as well as all mixed breeds. There are six levels offered: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level C. The divisions offered are Regular, Veterans, Enthusiast and Specialist. There are seven classes (games) offered: Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Colors, Wildcard, Fullhouse and Jackpot.

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Australian Shepherd Club of America 

In 1995, after five years of development, the Australian Shepherd Club of America incorporated agility competition into its competitive programs. ASCA is a non-profit organization with the largest single breed dog registry in North America. ASCA agility promotes executing skill while having competitive fun. ASCA agility is open to all breeds including “All American” (mixed) breeds. The three levels offered are Novice, Open, and Elite. Within the program there are three divisions: Standard, Veterans, and Junior Handlers. There are three titling classes (games): Regular (Standard), Jumpers, and Gamblers. An Agility Trial Champion (ATCH) title is a goal dog-handler teams can work towards in all divisions. 


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United States Dog Agility Association, Inc 

Organized in 1986 to introduce and promote international standards for dog agility. The United States Dog Agility Association patterned itself after the British standards for the sport, and has evolved into an international organization. USDAA promotes the spirit of high level competition by offering the most challenging sport standards. All dog breeds and mixes are allowed. The levels USDAA offers are: Starters, Advanced and Masters. The divisions offered are Championship, Performance and Junior. USDAA offers both regular and tournament style classes (games). The regular classes (games) are: Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Pairs Relay. The tournament classes (games) are: Grand Prix, Steeplechase and Dog Agility Masters Team. 

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Teacup Dog Agility Association  

Founded in 2002. Teacup Dog Agility Association provides a competitive venue for small dogs measuring under 17” without regard to breed or pedigree (“All American” mixes are welcome). Obstacles are scaled down to a size more appropriate for smaller dogs. Jump heights are set from 4” to 16”, with adjustments for long-backed and short-legged dogs. The levels offered are Beginner, Intermediate and Superior. The divisions offered are Standard and Veterans. The classes (games) offered are Standard and various games. 

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North American Dog Agility, Inc. Council 

Formed in 1993. The North American Dog Agility, Inc. Council provides North American dogs and their handlers with a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the sport of dog agility. The three levels offered are Novice, Open, and Elite. The three divisions offered are Standard, Veterans, and Junior Handlers. Two categories are also offered: Skilled and Proficient. The classes (games) are Regular Agility (Standard), Jumpers, Tunnelers, Weavers, Touch N Go, Chances, and Hoopers.  

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United Kennel Club

Formed in a 1994 merge. The United Kennel Club’s concept of agility is that all handlers, regardless of physical abilities, and that all dogs, regardless of breed, should have the opportunity to participate and experience success in agility without fierce competition. Unconventionally, UKS includes some unique obstacles: Hoop Tunnel, Swing Plank, Swing Bridge, Pause Box and Water Hurdle. Three main levels are offered in UKC: AGI, AGII and AGIII. Divisions offered are “A,” “B,” Veteran and Junior. Various Championship levels are offered to encourage on-going UKC agility involvement. 

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